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[Its a comfortably warm day and a warm breeze is blowing through the trees as he sits in a two-person swing by the lake. He is swinging it just very gently as he looks out across the water.]

I'm glad you didn't make a big fuss this year, House-san. Had you not done this, I might not have even noticed what day it is.

[Holds a tiny cupcake in his hands but hasn't eaten any of it yet.]

I'm not really in the mood for celebrating but I thank you for the thought.

[He rests his head back against the swing and shifts his gaze up to the fluffy clouds in the sky as he continues to just rock back and forth.]

At least it is a really pretty day.

((ooc: His birthday is actually the 14th but I decided to go ahead and post it since I have to work every day at the end of the week. So consider this forward dated to Wednesday))

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[After awhile, negative emotions could get to just about anyone.  When that was all you felt and saw 24 hours a day, it can tear you down a lot faster.  If you're so highly attuned that simply touching an object can bring about crystal clear visions of horror, breaking is a given. 

And Naoya had broken.  He is currently slumped in a corner, eyes wide and unseeing.  His body might be there, but his mind didn't seem to be.]

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[Hack, cough, cough, hack.]

Hell's... bells.  I thought I was never going to get out of there.

[He stumbles up the steps, covered from head to foot in dust.  In fact, there is no part of him that's anything but brown.] 

What I would give for a bath and something to drink right about now. 

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[A short time ago, there hadn't been a dead body lying in the entrance way.  A short time ago wasn't now though.  Frau was back, but he definitely wasn't whole.  He was covered in bloodstains and bruises.  That alone was bad enough, but the fact that he was deathly white, not breathing, and had no pulse was worse.  Despite this, Frau was still alive.  Or, as alive as he ever was.  Still, Frau was very near full death, Zehel's core almost fully exposed in his chest.  But something wasn't right.   

Everything felt so heavy.  Frau couldn’t move, couldn’t open his eyes, and couldn’t even make sense of what was happening.  His right arm felt like a lead weight slowly dragging him down.  He couldn’t even struggle against it.  What had happened?  Why did everything hurt so much?  Why was it so dark?  Where was the light? 

Teito.  His light. 

The light that he had lost.  Frau desperately wanted to go after Teito, free him from Ayanami's hold and bring the kid back where he belonged.  No matter how much he tried though, Frau couldn't make any headway through the darkness that was holding him down.  Everything hurt too much.  Way too much...]

((As a side note, Frau isn't likely to wake up any time soon.  He's in pretty bad shape.))
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*is curled up on the couch in the library, fire raging in the fireplace is serving as the only light in the area. Doesn't matter since he is currently dozing. It's clear he has been there a lot as there are several empty glasses around and an empty tin of cookies.*

*upon closer inspection one might notice the flushed appearance on the normally pale features, the only physical evidence of the fever his body currently has. The vampire should be immune to such things but it seems that isn't the case today*

*a small pile of tissues is in a trash bin next to the couch, the box cradled in his hands. He doesn't stir even if you get least..that is until a sneeze jerks his small frame and pulls him from his slumber*

*blinks the one eye a few times, clearly not really seeing you and still half asleep as pulls one of the tissues from the box groggily*
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[Had been in the hall on his way to the kitchen to make food for him and Yukio when the earthquake started]

Oh Shit! [bracing himself against the wall] What the fuck is this about you stupid house?! [jumps out of the way as a large vine slams through the wall, nearly taking him out]

This isn't funny!! [shooting fire at the vine to clear it out of the way. Then he stopped, drew his sword, and ran back in the direction he'd come from, realizing that Chrome or Yukio might be somewhere hurt if the house was turning into some sort of crazy vine monster.]
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*is completely and utterly terrified. Can just feel in his bones that this is the work of Mukuro and it has him frozen in fear. Is curled up in a corner of the library, back against the wall, arms over his head as he sits on the floor in a small ball*

..why is he doing this..what do we do...

*flinches as some of the shelves fall over and books go flying, can feel the house basically trembling around him*

..I need to snap out of this..people might be getting hurt..but what can I do? I can't fight him..

*has never felt this way in his life and it makes the old wound in his chest ache*

I can't do it...he's hurt us too many times..he can't be stopped..

*whole body starts to tremble*

I don't want to die again...

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What the hell is this!?!?! *is in his hero suit and running through the halls of the house as it gets eaten by the lotus*

This is one of the weirdest earthquakes I've ever seen! *slides to a stop as a beam falls from above and crashes to the ground* Geh! This is dangerous.

Alright Kotetsu! Snap out of it! Time to do what you're made for! We need to get the people out of here and save some lives.

*leaps over the beam and continues his run* OOOOIIIIII! Anyone out there!? I'm here to help!

*how he expects to do that beyond him*
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....ahh...i forgot to post this. Pretend it's on the 13th before Mukuro decided to eat the house...

[hums happily to herself as she wraps a rather nice size box in a fun birthday paper. She spent time getting the bow and everything just perfect so that it was definitely something anyone would want to open. Setting the box aside she stood up and stretched. She changed her clothes into something loose and well something she didn't mind getting dirty and then headed downstairs towards the kitchen. It didn't seem to be in a good mood if the flying knives were any indication]

Oh come on! PLEASE!? I really wanna make Frau something for his birthday dinner! This way he wont freeze on the way to the cafe. Please kitchen-san? I'll clean up my mess and everything I promise.

[her reply was a pot being thrown this time]

Dumb kitchen....[she pouted and slumped against the wall thinking

Ideas...ideas....hmm...I suppose I could go to the cafe and get food and bring it back...but then it would be cold. I could also make it there and stuff but then again...Frau would get cold on the way over. OH this is a disaster! I just wanted to do something nice for my boyfriend!

[and next the kitchen sink flies through the open door]

I get it I get it.....fine. Now what am I supposed to do?